Below this text you will find our recommodations for a beautiful beach visit. The ones with a rainbow are LGBT friendly.

Just the one near your lodging address, or the one with a lot of activity to almost unspoiled beaches. SXM has a big variety of beaches. Even for the naturists among us there is a lot of choices.

All our beaches are free to access, so you are free to put your feets on every sand grain!!!

Take your towel and sunscreen with you and lay down under a palmtree or rent a beach chair with an umbrella.

The most of the 37 beaches will have a beach- or loungebar to serve you a nice cocktail, a glass of champagne or a refreshing Caribbean beer. And of course the most beaches have also something for the inner man or you will find a nearby shop.

We would like to ask you not to show your beach visit for the next visitors and that is why we ask you to deposit your waste in a container intended for this purpose. A better environment starts with yourself.

The white sand and the clear blue water is welcoming you!


Cupecoy beach

Cupecoy beach is closed in by dramatic cliffs and close to the French border. The beach part in the middle is the LGBT and nude beach and sometimes you can meet other family members for close encounters. Be aware that the sea on this side can be rough sometimes and that there are a lot of rocks.


Great Bay Philipsburg

Shopping, beaching, eating, drinking or watersport activities, this beach on the boardwalk has everything to offer with walking distance to everything you need.

Lay down on a beach chair and see the cruise ships arriving or departing and have a great view to the neighbor islands, for example the big rock Saba just in front of you.

Visiting this beach is never boring!



Orient Bay

This beach has a lot of nice beach bars and a view to Pinel Island and Tintamarre. South sided of this long beach you will find the nude/LGBT beach.

Grand Case Beach

Famous for the big variety of good restaurants, this French village and beach is a lovely place to tan, hang out and get some nice drinks.

Vive La Vie!

Anse Marcel Beach

This beach is like paradise with a panoramic view to Anguilla! Just a ride on the French side at Cul-de-Sac over the big hill and you are there! They have a great beach club for the inner man who are also providing beach chairs and umbrellas.

Lovers Beach

Just east sided from Marigot and west sided of Friars Bay, you will find this tiny bay which you only can reach by a hike.

Mullet Bay

A nice white sandy beach with great snorkel possibilities just bij the cliffs on your right hand side. On the weekend this beach is more crowded by locals and students from the nearby medical university. 

Happy Bay

Just a small hike from Friars Bay or from the parking lot. This lovely beach is an hidden spot! Also known as the spot for our LGBT community. Bring your own drinks and food while visiting this beach.